Geometry of Singularities and Differential Equations                               Celebrating the contributions of Felipe Cano to the Theory of Singularities           Santander (Spain), 26th-30th June 2017

Abstracts of the talks

There is a document containing the abstracts of the talks.

The Conference is devoted to honor Prof. Felipe Cano in occasion of his 60th birthday. The aim is to present recent developments in his main research topics, all of which share a common perspective inscribed in the study of singularities of algebraic varieties and of differential equations:

  1. Resolution of singularities in any characteristic.Low resolution poster
  2. Reduction of singularities of holomorphic codimension one foliations.
  3. Valuations and uniformization of vector fields.
  4. Real analytic, subanalytic and o-minimal geometry.
  5. Geometry of trajectories and local topological dynamics of real analytic vector fields.
  6. Invariant hypersurfaces of holomorphic codimension one foliations.
  7. Parabolic curves of holomorphic diffeomorphisms.
  8. Formal invariant curves and summation processes.

The Conference will take place at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad de Cantabria (in the Los Castros Campus of Santander).

You can download a high quality copy of the poster for printing and sharing.

Santander is a port city in the north of Spain, the capital of Cantabria, a region which shares beach and natural landscapes. It is a rich city and a tourist destination, with remarkable landmarks and a fine set of beaches. The weather in June is mild and especially attractive in sunny days.