In order to make your reservation, you need to fill this form.
You may either print it and fill it by hand or use a PDF editor to fill in the blanks.
After completion, you need to send it by e-mail or FAX (either a scanned
version or the completed one with the editor) to the address specified in it.

There are three available hotels for the conference: Chiqui, Palacio del Mar and Silken Rio.

The prices agreed by the organization are 65.97€ per individual room/night (breakfast included). For double rooms the fees are (same conditions): Chiqui: 87€, Palacio del Mar: 77€, Silken Rio: 80.22€.

Important notice concerning fares: The prices above are for stays beginning on the night of Sunday June 25th (or later) and ending on the morning of July 1st (at most). For stays involving other periods, please contact the travel agency.

Please take into account that the sooner you make your reservation, the easier it
will be for you to get your chosen hotel, as the number of rooms is limited (reasonably
large but limited).