Special event and social dinner

There will be a special session at

Auditorium (Paraninfo), Palacio de la Magdalena
on Thursday 29 June 2017, 18:30h

This special event will be dedicated to reviewing the main milestones achieved by professor Felipe Cano along his life as a mathematical researcher.

The session will be opened by Mr. Rodrigo Martínez-Val Peñalosa, Vice-Rector of Innovation and Project Development of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. Subsequently, Prof. José Manuel Aroca will survey the mathematical insights and the new research areas unfolded by Felipe Cano in the topic of Singularity Theory. A roundtable will follow, in which several collaborators of Prof. Cano’s will participate. The session will close with an address by Prof. Cano.

The planned schedule is:

18:30-18:45  Opening address by the Vice-Rector.
18:45-19:15  Keynote by Prof. José Manuel Aroca.
19:15-19:45  Roundtable.
19:45-20:15  Address Prof. by Felipe Cano.
20:15-20:30  Closing.

Afterwards, the social dinner will take place (starting at around 21:15)
at the Restaurant Deluz, a (nice) 15-20 minutes walk from the hall (see the following map). The price of the dinner is 50€, not included in the registration fee. Payment should be made on Monday, at the time of check-in (from 8:30 to 9:30).